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Growing up is weird. As our lives change, we’re forced to decide what facets of ourselves we’re willing to keep and what we’d prefer to discard. Suddenly, we arrive at this stage known as “adult”, where we begin to point and laugh at our past selves, but also learn to embrace what has transpired to encourage our arrival at our current state.

Strangely enough, going through this stage, where I force myself to accept what cannot be changed, I find myself less willing to publicly disclose any real thought or emotion. I do not feel settled enough with what I would like to project as a public image to make many efforts in writing. I see so many bloggers get too comfortable in the content they’re providing, leading to them coming across to some of their audience as deluded and conceited. Clearly, I do not fit into this category for the sheer fact that my audience probably includes ~5 people worldwide. I’m just going to move on and get over it.

Summary: growing up is weird, I’m weird, and this is weird. Let’s be weird together!

Now for some life updates, mostly in pictures.

First, eats:


Barbecue Chicken Pizza on Fillo Dough.

This pizza was tasty enough, but I do not recommend using Fillo for the crust. Yikes.


Scrappy “Shepherd’s Pie”


Also Scrappy “Shepherd’s Pie”

Made this from scraps, including beef, frozen hash brown potatoes, corn, mushrooms, spinach, etc.


Eggs Benedict

My first attempt at hollandaise and poached eggs. This was actually more successful than I expected. I added a bit too much water to thin the sauce (hence its voluminousness), but I’ll never complain of too much sauce. I followed this recipe, but used toast and turkey instead of English Muffins and Canadian bacon. The sauce was a bit too lemony for me, so I’ll use less lemon juice next time.



Cute kitty snuggles


Stunning sunrise (no effects)


The lake where I walk next to work. (Also, prison in the distance)



The tree I decorated for work


Tree at home

Just one more college grad looking to share my new adventures. No specific purpose, just a mix of any and all creative hobbies that I can get my hands on.

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