1.  Today, I worked the latest I’ve worked since high school, 7:15.  Wednesday I’m working until 8:30, which just seems ridiculous.  Could be worse, though.  Friday I only work from 11:45 to 5:45.  I’m pumped.

2.  Some people are just miserable to talk to on the phone.  I understand you might not want to talk to me or you’re busy or whatever, but I’m just trying to help you out.  I would never be that rude to someone on the phone when they’re just doing their job.  But that’s because I’m an intelligent, rational person who’s accepted that my issue probably isn’t directly your fault.

3.  Talking on the phone allows me much more opportunity to make an idiot out of myself.  Today, I was talking to someone named Patrick and asked him if he was getting excited about his holiday this weekend (i.e. St. Patrick’s Day).  Either he didn’t get it or he’s heard it too many times, but dude was not impressed by my attempt at humor.  He did, however, find it hilarious when I uncomfortably tried to cover my track of embarrassment.  GAH.

4.  The new tag suggestions on here are so ridiculous.  They’re rarely related to anything I’ve said.