1.  I panic at least once a day at my new job.  This is the first job I’ve ever had that has goals and numbers set for each person, and I’m such a freaking perfectionist/crazy person that I constantly criticize my performance and make myself super depressed.  I’m stopping this tomorrow.  It’s driven me to tears a minimum of 3 times, more like 5+ if I’m honest.  I’ve had nightmares about it and wake up crying. That’s not okay.  I think I just feel like everything else is so out of control that I put all the pressure into this one thing that I feel like I can control, but the action itself keeps me from being in control.  Like I said, crazy person.  Feel free to leave comments with tips on how to be less ridiculous.  ANYWAY.  Tomorrow, it’s all sunshine and unicorn glitter.

2.  I did very little this weekend.  That made me feel like I had enough time to bake, so I made Barbecue Chicken Pasta and Chocolate Cobbler.  Yum.  Then I started Insanity again because I’m pretty sure I’m about to gain 400 pounds.

3.  I woke up to about 5 glorious inches of snow.  The only way I could have been more pleased was if we didn’t have to go into work.  Too bad, we did.  At least we have a great view of it.

4.  I’m seriously about to go do some research on how to be an adult.  I just don’t think I have a grip on this.  Oh well.