1.  My entire body hurts like I actually did things this weekend. Incorrect, body. Unless you count priming myself with a marathon binge eating fest before following up with binge drinking. Although, I guess you could techinically count those drunken handstands I did… It probably doesn’t help that I was too lazy to take my arthritis meds yesterday. Sometimes you just don’t want to open 7 bottles. Also, I don’t appreciate the irony of my arthritis medication coming in bottles that I can’t open most of the time. How many times do I have to ask for easy-open bottles?! I usually put everything in my pill box, but sometimes I’m just too lazy to make all that effort.

Evil top.

2.  I love winter. I love the snow. I hate being hot and sweating, so summer is basically a form of torture. Plus, when it’s cold outside and you have to bundle up in 7 layers, no one has to know how chubby you actually are. Win in my book.

3.  I spend approximately 90% of my time on the internet. This is bad. I always get confused about why other people get so much more done than I do, but then I realize it’s because I’m basically glued to my computer any time I’m not asleep. Gotta work on that.

Everyone loves computers.

4.  Nutrisystem is mostly terrible. My friends gave me a pretty large supply of it because they ordered it and didn’t like it. Let me tell you, it’s pretty awful. No celebrity would ever eat this. Also, the portions are whack. I have to eat two of the lunches to really get enough food in. Or a dinner and a lunch. 130 calories isn’t going to keep me full for very long. That’s not lunch, that’s a damn snack. I don’t know why people would spend so much money on this, especially since you still have to go buy vegetables and bread and crap.


5.  I told a guy on the phone at work today that we were based in Lexington, Kentucky, and he said “Oh, so you’re in the midwest.” Um, what? We’re one state away from the east coast, in what kind of way is that anywhere near “West”? What is wrong with the labeling of parts of the country?! I dated a guy from Ohio last year, and he always talked about life in the “midwest”. I’d barely even call Ohio “Mideast”! Straighten up, Census Bureau!  This shit just don’t make sense.


6.  I can’t stop falling asleep on the couch at night. It’s terrible.