I love Christmas.  My grandparents brought me a 4.5′ pre-lit tree, my very first personal Christmas tree.  I decorated it with the lights I already had in my bedtoom and some paper ornaments.  We be runnin’ low on the funds this year.

Before then, I had made this little tree out of card stock and decorated it with rhinestones.  Now it’s sitting next to my “Candy Shop” gingerbread house, which has a rotating multi-colored light.

I love cute ornaments, so I’ve been hanging these for the past couple of years.  I hung them before I got the tree, so they’re up to stay.  I figure the tree has enough stuff on it. You can also see one of the presents my grandparents brought.  Because they couldn’t wait until the 17th to actually see me open them in person.  Don’t ask me to explain my family.

These cool dudes sit on the bookshelf next to the door.  I got the nutcracker at a performance of The Nutcracker when I was 7.  He’s my Christmas love, even though he has a creepy ‘stache.

A Tiny Apartment Christmas.

Now it’s time to appease this little monster:

She’s abandoned her posts on the bed and under the tree to beg for attention.