Let me just start off this blog post with a confession: I have no idea how to blog.  Maybe you’ve noticed by now.

I don’t know what force there is behind my desire to blog.  Maybe it’s that I love them so much that I can’t get enough and they sometimes bring out ideas in me that I want to put down.  Maybe it’s my desire to express a part of myself that no one else is really interested in or my repressed need to over-share.  Maybe it’s an exercise in improving my writing and creative flow.  I can’t say that I’m really sure.  A lot of times it really just serves as a recipe book, since I tend to lose/destroy any physical recipes I have.  My insecurity about blogging really keeps me from doing it a lot.

The days that usually lead up to a blog post go something like this (timeline obviously varies):

Day 1: It’s been awhile since I posted.  I should really do that or NO ONE ON THE INTERNET WILL EVER LIKE ME.

Days 2-6: Bleh.  I’m too tired/busy/poor/lazy to blog.  I’ll just feel guilty instead.

Day 7:  Do I even have something to blog?  Well…there are these old pictures that I was too lazy to blog before.  Too bad they look like crap.  I really need to figure out this picture thing.  Let’s research that and maybe work on those pictures.

Day 8:  I guess I can just throw these pictures in a post and write later. 

5 hours later….I’m too tired/lazy/distracted to work out today.  Now I’m bored and feeling guilty.  Hey, now I can add text to my blog post!  What the f*** am I going to write about?!  What do people write about?  No one is going to give a crap about my boring life.  Am I only supposed to talk about the food?  “Here’s the rainbow pasta.  Ooh pretty!”  That sounds lame.  HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!  

This shit is stressful.  So I’m asking you to bear with me while I attempt to come up with content and pictures that you’re actually interested in.  I can’t afford editing software or one of those fancy cameras that has a detachable lens and instantly makes perfect pictures, and I’m not a writer by nature (though I can kick the hell out of it when I need to), but I promise that I’m going to be a goddamned (sloppy) perfectionist about it and fake it ’til I kind of make it!

So now let’s talk about pasta salad.

One day (probably a month or two ago), I really wanted pasta salad. No idea why.  But, when I picked up all the ingredients I wanted, they were really beautiful and colorful, so I thought it would be a good time to experiment with lighting and staging in my ugly a$$ kitchen.

That’s when I realized I really need a light box and a tripod.  But I’m not going to buy those things.  Because I’m broke and that would be ridiculous, and I know better than that.

Pretend there’s feta cheese up there.  I kind of forgot about it.  But not in the pasta.  No, I would never forget the cheese.

This whole salad is basically a vegetable.  The pasta is vegetables, the vegetables are vegetables, the dressing is vegetables, IT’S VEGETABLE MADNESS.

I threw the onion and green pepper into a bowl and microwaved them for a bit.  Why?  I have Oral Allergy Syndrome (yes, I’m riddled with oddities), and eating some fruits and vegetables fresh makes my mouth super itchy and puffy.

Learned you up something today, huh?


I think I capslock too much, but it most accurately describes my inner voice.  I’m like 15-year-old Harry Potter.  Obviously.

Seriously, what I am I supposed to write after this picture?  “Hey, toss that shit together!”  Should I put a picture of the finished product at the top to entice you?  Do people even like step-by-step photos?

The cheese.  Don’t even thinking of making this without cheese.

Oh, geez.  This salad was my lover for 3 days.  I miss it dearly.  Now I just need to find something blue to put in it to make it a real rainbow.  Blue corn?

No real recipe here, but this is the general approximation.  What’s great about these things is that you can customize them any way you want.  I added Green Goddess dressing to one of my servings, and I don’t have to tell you how good that was (I hope).

Rainbow Pasta Salad

makes approximately 6 servings

  • Half a box rainbow pasta
  • 1/2 large red onion, diced
  • 1 green pepper, diced,
  • 1/2 pint grape tomatoes, halved
  • 2 ounces sliced, canned black olives
  • 3 ounces feta cheese
  • 1/2 cup salad dressing
Mix it up!