This past weekend was the annual family reunion on my mom’s side.  We have a two-day event; the first day is a golf scramble, and the second day is a picnic and an auction to raise money for our scholarship fund.

Unfortunately, a crazy storm blew in before anyone got past the third hole, so we were forced to hide indoors and continue drinking.  The horror!  And then there was White Castle.  Hundreds of tiny burgers waiting to be eaten!  And a double rainbow!  What a glorious weekend.

Now, here are some random pictures of food.

Baked cheesy polenta over a bed of spinach with grape tomatoes, Green Goddess dressing, and hummus.

Frittata/open-faced omelette with cheddar cheese, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini.

Fluffy whole wheat biscuits.

Whole wheat potato gnocchi.


I spent 2 hours at the ophthalmologist yesterday looking at blinking lights, letting them poke my eyeballs, and then having various eye drops put in to dilate my pupils and steal my near sight.  All for them to tell me I have to come back in a month.  Blergh!