I finally picked out my first post-college book.  I haven’t picked out a new pleasure read in a really long time; there was never time to read for fun during the semester, and during breaks I always just re-read books that I already had or books that other people gave me.

I got a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas, so it was time to pick something out for myself.  Picking out a book is almost a kind of ritual for me.  I like to go to the bookstore and just look around until I find something, which usually means a couple of hours spent with my head tilted to the right looking for the perfect title, cover, description, and style of writing.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s kind of a soothing experience for me.  I just love the atmosphere or Barnes & Noble.  The one near my parents’ house is so quiet and perfectly arranged, I could just spend days there. 

This book is my most recent read.

Isabel Bookbinder is working on her Debut Novel.  Well, she’s got her marketing strategy and the perfect notebook, so the rest should be easy, right?  Seizing an opportunity that arises at her job at a local newspaper, Isabel finds herself the job of her dreams as the assistant of a famous author.  Unfortunately for Isabel, her glamorous new life isn’t as perfect as she thinks.  As she fumbles and blunders her way into ridiculous situations, Isabel soon realizes that the intentions of those around her aren’t as innocent as they seem.