Wow, I’ve had a busy few weeks.  Between my internship, my job, and going to the gym, I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to do any baking.  But, never fear!  That was solved this weekend.  I have a  fun post for tomorrow, but these pictures will have to do until then.

I finally finished my purple scarf!  It turned out so well.

(This was the first day we’ve seen sun in what seems like months.  Too much snow!)

Yesterday I made some brownies for one of my bestest friends’ birthday.

I used this recipe from  These brownies have a crunchy top and a light texture that’s also kind of fudgey.  They kind of melt in your mouth, which I like, but I’m still looking for that perfect fudgey/chewy brownie recipe.  I topped the brownies with a cream cheese peanut butter frosting.

I’ll have more pictures to share tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a good Valentine’s Day!