My camera finally came this week.  It’s kind of complicated, so I’m trying to figure out how to work all the different settings, but I do have some pictures and crafts to share.

I finally finished the world’s ugliest scarf.  It’s only about 1/3 of a scarf, but it felt good to actually crochet something (as ugly as it may be).



 But now I’m working on a real scarf.  I went to Michael’s yesterday and picked up some really pretty purple yarn and couldn’t help picking up a pattern book for amigurumi critters.

There are so many cute animals in there, including a giraffe, elephant, and a penguin.

I started working on my scarf last night, but ended up taking a lot of rows out over and over again once I realized that I was making mistakes which were making my rows uneven.  But I finally figured it out.


Isn’t it a pretty color?

I also picked up some spray primer to prime my Munny so I could start painting it.  First I primed him and let him dry for a while, then I painted him blue.

After the blue dried, I started painting on the Van Gogh-esque stars.  Then I sealed the paint with a glossy topcoat (I would have preferred a matte finish, but I already had glossy).

Now he has to set overnight before I can put him back together.  Back to working on the scarf.