I’m making cake balls and peanut butter balls to take to work for Christmas. 

I think that I first heard about cake balls over at BakeBakeBake.  Or at Bakerella’s blog.  Either way, I first learned about cake balls from Bakerella, and learned about Bakerella from cake balls, and I’ve been reading her blog ever since (you should too, it’s great).  So I made them for my grandma’s retirement party and they were a big hit.  Every time the family has gotten together since then everyone asks “Where are those cake balls?”  It may seem strange at first, but they’re amazing once they’re finished.

Cake Balls

1 box cake mix

1 can frosting

chocolate chips to coat (you can also use almond bark, but I think it tastes stale)

wax paper

Bake the cake as directed on the box and allow to cool completely.  Crumble cake into a bowl and mix in can of frosting.  Roll mixture into balls and chill for a few hours (or put them in the freezer until they’re firm).  Melt chocolate, either in the microwave or with a double boiler (I use a make-shift double boiler, one pot over another pot of hot water).  Coat balls in chocolate.  I use a fork to dip the balls and tap it on the side of the pot before I set them down, which makes them neater and the chocolate coating thinner.  Allow them to sit until the chocolate is firm. 

Try not to put them in the refrigerator, they may sweat once you pull them out, which will make the chocolate coating kind of crunchy and not as pretty.  Your patience will be rewarded.

I used a Devil’s Food cake mix and Chocolate Fudge frosting, but you can use any combination of cake/frosting.  You can even make them from scratch if you don’t want to use a mix.  Another popular combination is Red Velvet cake and Cream Cheese frosting.

(Please excuse the horrible pictures.  My camera is cheap and old, and the lighting in my apartment is crap.)

Cake, baked and cooled.

Now destroy it with a fork.

Dump it all into a large bowl and crumble it with a fork or your hands.

I like to roll the chunks loosely between my hands.  The softer parts come apart more easily than the crust.  I won’t tell if those pesky crust pieces somehow end up in your mouth.

Your crumbs should look something like this.

Now, add your frosting.

Mix it all together.  It’s easiest to use your hands.

Roll your mixture into balls about the size of a quarter and put them on your wax paper, then put them in the fridge.

Your hands will get a little dirty.

While the balls are chilling out, melt yourself a little chocolate.

Plop them down in there, one by one.

Coat them, and then tap the excess chocolate off.

Gently roll them back onto the wax paper, and cover any exposed spots.

Now leave them alone until they’re firm!  Then enjoy!