Perhaps I should have warned you first, but books are like water to me.  Given the time, I get through one a day, so there will probably be a lot of these “Currently Reading” posts.

SWEEP: Reckoning (#13)

Though the majority of the SWEEP series follows the character Morgan Rowlands, some of the books also focus on the other characters around her, from their viewpoints.  Some of them are split between two characters, and others, like this one, are entirely in the viewpoint of a different character.

Reckoning is in the perspective of Alisa Soto, one of the younger members of Morgan’s coven, Kithic.  Alisa has just begun to learn about magick and has just found out that her dead mother, Sarah Curtis, was a witch who stripped herself of her magickal powers years before she met Alisa’s father.  When things get a little rough at home, Alisa turns to her newly-discovered uncle, and finds herself seeking refuge in Gloucester, MA.  There she finds more questions than answers, and soon finds herself and her family in a dangerous situation.