I’m new to WordPress, and I’m having some trouble adjusting.  I’ve had a Livejournal for 7 years, but they’re completely different.

There are a lot of different types of activities that I want to start working on and I’m really looking forward to wtiting about all of them here, as well as learning about them.

1. Cooking.  I’ve been pretty heavy into baking for the past few years, which has been pretty bad for my waistline.  I do my best to make everything that I make as healthy as possible, but it’s still hard to keep myself from the delicious goodness of baked goods.  I want to start getting more into cooking since that is a skill that I really need.  I’m a pretty good cook, but I tend to rely on the same small collection of recipes, especially since I’ve been so busy with school work.  Now that I have more time,  I want to learn some new cooking skills and work on bulding up my repertoire of healthy recipes.

2. Crochet.  I know most of the basics of crocheting and I really like it, but I’ve never been able to actually follow a pattern or make anything.  Crocheting is really useful, it can be used to make a lot of awesome things like cute stuffed animals, or winter wear.

3. Guitar.  I picked up a small, hot pink guitar last Christmas with the intention of learning to play it, but I was never able to find the time to really keep up with it.  I learned the chords and the beginnings of some songs, but I still have a long way to go.

4. Sew.  My boyfriend, Ryan, got me a sewing machine last year for Christmas.  I’ve actually used it quite a lot to fix some shirts and hem all my jeans, since I’m average height and not the Amazonian that jeans are made to fit, but there are a lot of other things that I want to do with it.  I have plans to make a pillow from a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt that I have but can’t wear, since it has holes in the armpits (oops).

5. Take Pictures.  I’m hoping to get a new digital camera for Christmas.  I’ve been working with a Kodak EasyShare C310 that I got for Christmas 4 years ago, which works, but doesn’t take very high quality pictures.  Either way, I want to start taking more pictures of what I do and share them here in my posts.

6. Paint and Draw.  I used to draw and paint in high school and I was pretty good after a lot of practice, but I haven’t really done either since then and the lack of practice has completely ruined what I learned.  I hope to start getting out my sketch book and paints more often in the future and hopefully practice more.

7. Read.  My true love.  I’ve been reading a lot of books for class for the past few years and haven’t had the time to read for pleasure, with the exception of breaks when I re-read books that I already own.  I hope to start picking up new books and spend more time reading now that I have the time again. 

8. Edit.  I’m starting an internship at the University Press of Kentucky in a few weeks, so I’m hoping to learn and read some interesting things there that I might be able to share here.  After that, I’m hoping to find a job with a publishing house in editing and start a whole new adventure.